Reader Rabbit Kindergarten

  • Reader Rabbit Kindergarten
  • Reader Rabbit Kindergarten
  • Reader Rabbit Kindergarten
  • Reader Rabbit Kindergarten

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Application Description

Reader Rabbit - the multi award winning educational games for kids are now available on iOS devices!

Reader Rabbit Kindergarten - Bouncing Around in Balloon Town!

Join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion as they bounce around Balloon Town in search of musical instruments that they can use to wake up the sleeping Bulldozer that blocks the path to their Dreamship. As you explore the sights and sounds of Balloon Town, help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion solve puzzles to collect these musical instruments. But be prepared! Once you have collected all the instruments, The Bubble Wrapper has a surprise waiting for you in the Pointy Palace. After entering the palace, you will need to solve a few more puzzles before you can step into the Dreamship and head for home!

This game is designed to help kids learn basic Kindergarten skills like pattern recognition, memory matching, reading comprehension, and rhyming in addition to basic phonics and math through a series of fun and entertaining mini-games.

Game Features
* Full video cutscenes and voice acting throughout the game including songs
* Simple touch based controls perfect for younger kids
* Multiple difficulty levels for each mini-game adding hours of replay value
* In-game progress reports so kids (and parents) can track their progression

Mini-Game Examples:
Cocoon Balloon Patterns
* Players help the Balloon Butterflies put their cocoons in the correct order by matching the pattern of shapes and colors on the butterflies’ wings.

Oyster Memory Matching
* Oyster Memory Matching is an activity that sharpens memory skills while encouraging color and shape recognition. Presented in the form of a game show, the goal is to pick the oysters that are hiding matching items.

Bounceketball Dunk ’n Rhyme
* Players match bounceketballs that are labeled with words that rhyme with the target word up in the stands. The difficulty of the activity increases as words become longer and distractor words are introduced.

Plus many more for hours of education and entertainment....

The Reader Rabbit software series has sold over 25 MILLION COPIES since 1993 and has won over 175 AWARDS and accolades! Every product under the Reader Rabbit brand undergoes extensive research and testing, with input from parents, children, and professionals in education. Each product features a precise balance of educational content and entertainment value, so your child has fun while learning!


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