About AppDropp.com

AppDropp Inc. was founded in Jan, 2013 by the team of developers, who addicted to iOS. By many request, our second tool, designed for iPhone and iPad Games Reviews and Reports was launched in March, 2014.

As we are all huge iOS fans, we do love that hundreds of new apps are getting released every day, thousands apps are updated and become even better, developers are provide users with an awesome discounts, as well as, a lot of new authors with an awesome ideas joining Apple developers community.

But on the other side, due to the fast growing application market, it is getting harder to find good apps. It is almost impossible to find high quality application on a good price. That's why we come here at the first place and decided to create AppDropp. We are experienced developers and we know how things work from the inside, to build a simple and convenient catalog of iOS apps, where you (as well as we are) can easily find what you want.

Our mission is to deliver the best deals for iPhone and iPad applications, available on the Apple App Store. Day by Day we perform multiply checks of the most popular apps for the price changes and updates. We store these iTunes updates and display them to you in a simple and "easy to find" way. Using AppDropp you can easily navigate through the most popular price drops, updates and new releases, find completely Free or discounted Paid applications.

We love that we can help you to download the most interesting applications on the market, find the best discounts and purchase premium iOS applications for just a couple of dollars.

Every day we have something to surprise you!
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