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Application Description

Amaze, astound, and stupefy family and friends with this numeric magic trick. The application doesn't reveal their secret number, but you will...once you know how it works.

::: What's the Trick? :::

You'll ask players to think of a number between 1 and 60. Then, you'll flip through 6 cards on the application each of which have a series of numbers. As you show each card, you'll ask players whether or not they see their number on that card. After the last card, you'll astound them by instantly revealing their secret number!

The Secret is Revealed...but only to you.

The application comes with special instructions which teach you how to do the trick. And if you're interested, you'll also be able to learn the mathematical concepts that make the trick work.

Impress your friends AND get smarter with just one application – Magic Numbers!

::: Security :::

A trick is only a trick when your audience doesn't know how it works. If you think someone might get a hold of your iPhone and view the secrets behind Magic Numbers, you are now able to lock them out to keep them from ruining all the fun.

You will be able to create your personal 5-digit code and lock "the instructions" page.

The next time the Magic Numbers application is launched, you'll be required to enter that 5-digit code to access the instructions page. If you forget your code, there is no way to retrieve it, SO DON'T FORGET IT! (Sorry, but it's not like we're a bank.)

::: Development Team :::

Casey Cordry
Brian Harvey
Mohamed Hamdouchi


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