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Application Description

Do you know what Vexillology is? How about Sinology? Well, surely you are familiar with Oology – the branch of zoology that deals with the study of eggs – right?

There are actually over 200 fields of study which have recognized names, but most of us only know a handful of them. With iOlogy, you'll have a fun way to learn each one.

Initially, the app will allow you to scroll through a list of over 200 entries, select one, and see its definition. Soon, we'll offer the following free updates:

- Audio pronunciations of each word;
- Search and Scrolling index for ease of use;
- Additional entries as we discover them.

We are also developing the following upgrades:

- Quiz which allows you to test your friends or your own knowledge;
- Fun Facts for each of the entries listed so you can expand your knowledge even further.


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