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Application Description

Santa's sleigh has just encountered an icy wind shear, which ripped a big hole in Santa's big bag of toys.

Your job, brave little elf, is to help save Christmas by gathering as many gifts as you can.

Three addictive modes: Classic, Sprint, and Survival.

Classic Mode: Catch as many gifts as can you to help save Christmas. Beware of coals as they will make you lose control, and icicles will freeze you for couple of seconds!

Sprint Mode: You have one minute to catch as many gifts as you possibly can. Beware of obstacles as they will slow you down! Try catching the Candy Canes for extra time and keep the game going.

Survival Mode: The more gifts you catch, the faster they'll drop. Missing a gift will cost you an ornament. The game ends when all ornaments are lost.

Help save Santa and save Christmas!!!

::: Development Team :::
Dr. Steve Spicklemire
Ricardo Laranja
Rene Longoria
Mohamed Hamdouchi


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