Animation Creator HD Express

  • Animation Creator HD Express
  • Animation Creator HD Express
  • Animation Creator HD Express
  • Animation Creator HD Express

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  • Current Version:Version: 1.9.0
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Application Description

Featured - "App Store Essentials: Painting & Drawing"

Once you've mastered Animation Creator HD Express, check out the full version, Animation Creator HD for unlimited Animations, Cineverse & YouTube upload, Twitter sharing, no ads, no limits, much much more!

Take your animations to the next level - High Definition!

Animation Creator HD Lite allows your creativity to come to life on your iPad! You are the director! With simple, yet powerful drawing tools, shake to undo, color palettes, color sliders, and easy to use frame management, you're only limited by your imagination! Your animations will look smooth and life-like with the high frame rate playback of Animation Creator HD!

Version 1.5+ Feature List:

• Many aspects; 1920x1080 , 1280x720, and more!
• Retina ready - the new iPad
• Browse Cineverse! See what others have created!
• New look!
• Audio
• A beautiful, easy to use interface
• Smooth high-quality drawing experience
• Full screen editing, no annoying tools in the way
• Layers
• Paint brush
• Pencil
• Spray can
• Eraser
• Line
• Rectangle
• Line width selection
• Circle
• Select/Cut/Copy/Paste/Scale
• Undo/Redo
• Import images from photo library
• Frame positioning
• Frame rotation
• Frame manager
• Color selection palettes
• Color selection sliders
• Zooming and panning
• Add, delete and copy frames, easily
• On the fly frame rate adjustment
• Export Image Sequence (Improved)
• Export to Photo Library [FULL VERSION ONLY]
• Email Project to devices/friends [FULL VERSION ONLY]
• Up to 3 animations (LIte version)
• Up to 15 frames per animation (LIte version)
• Up to 2 audio clips (Lite version)
• 'Onion Skinning', see an overlay of previous frame

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New features are planned regularly, including more drawing tools, more animation sharing methods, photo importing, and much much more!

Thanks to everyone for their feedback, we listen!

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