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  • Current Version:Version: 3.4.1
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Application Description

The #1 Full Featured Paint & Art Solution!
Oil • AirBrush • Vector • Gradient • Layers

Paint Studio is a complete mobile paint solution, featuring all the tools you need to create great Art on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch all for one price.

A must have App for anyone, amateur or professional, wanting the power to create anywhere and everywhere!

Never an extra in-app charge! Get Inspired & Fine Tune your Art with a full set of drawing tools:

Paint Brush - Pencil - Airbrush
Vector Lines - Gradients & Shapes
Ink Pen - Marker - Smudge
Layers - Text - Paint Bucket Fill - Zoom
Clip Art w/ Server & Element Tools
AirPrint - TwitPic - Email - MMS

Paint Studio is intuitive & feature filled, no huge learning curve to start and finish your masterpiece. Plus, it's is a Universal App, buy 1 time for 1 Price and Install on All your iOS Devices!

Join the many thousands of Artists who use Paint Studio as their Essential Mobile Paint Solution! As with all miSoft Apps, check out the Full In-App "?" Tutorial for Helpful Features and Tips!

Paint Studio by Version:

v 3.3+ "The Retina Update"

Amazing New Retina Paint!
iPhone 5 Screen Support!
Fresh New User Interface!
On Pallet Frequently Used Tools!
Various Performance Upgrades!


Vector Drawing!
Gradient Tools!

Enhancements for iOS 5.1
Major Performance Updates!

3.0 / 3.1:

-- New Brush Styles & Eraser Control!
-- Improved Drawing Response!
-- ClipArt Cloud & Gallery Import!
-- New Built-In Backgrounds!
-- Tap Gestures - Close / Open Tool Bars!
-- Auto-Save Work in Progress!

Undo / Redo Enhancements

Paint Studio 2.8:

-- Menu Bar UI - Paint on 100% of Screen!
-- AirPrint! iOS 4.2+, In-App Print w/Preview!
-- Clip Art Graphic Controls!
-- Text Justification, Opacity & Layering!
-- Color Wheel Zoom Preview Window!
-- More Great Draw Shapes!
-- More In App Save / Load Slots!

Paint Studio 2.5

-- Zoom Tool
-- Paint Bucket Fill Tool
-- In App Clip Art Management!
-- AirBrush w/ Spray & Dot Control!
-- Layers! Draw in 4 'Multiplane' Dimensions!
-- Object Tools - Paste, Scale, Rotate, Re-Size!
-- Color Mixer w/ Custom Color Save!
-- Expanded Text Tool!
-- Full In-App Tutorial!

Paint Studio 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.3

-- 1st Universal Paint App!
-- Free Draw and Shapes!
-- Virtual Stylus, Finger won't Block View!
-- Neon Ink!
-- Un-Do / Re-Do - Eraser - Finger Smudge!
-- Easy Color Picker!
-- TwitterPic® Messaging!
-- MMS* & Paint Email!

Paint Studio's Powerful Paint & Airbrush Tools feature 3 Color Pallets, Brush Stroke Adjustment, and 5 Spray Styles w/ Density and Width adjustment. Fine Adjustments are easy with the Zoom Tool and the amazing Virtual Stylus enables you to draw without your finger blocking your view! The powerful Clip Art System provides in App Clip Art plus Clipboard & Cloud Art Import! AirPrint with Print Preview; set Orientation and Scale your page before printing! The full-featured Text Tool supports Text Style, Size, Color, Layering and Opacity! The great simulated Screen Shots & Art can only attempt to show off what can be done with this amazing App!

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Your mobile device must have at least 10.53 MB of space to download and install Paint Studio app. Paint Studio is available on iTunes for $3.99

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