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Application Description

Build in 3D Retro Timber Logs!
Dream It/Build It! Free on All Devices!

You dreamed it, now it's here! Build anything you can Imagine, bring your Dreams to Life, right on your iPhone & iPad! Endless Shapes! Endless Creations! Endless Cool!

Place, Move & Stack the Timber Logs of yesteryear! Bring your dreams to life right on your screen! Even Rotate your Creation in 3D Space! You're in control!

Check out the 'Camera Speed' setting in the Settings Button to match the Control Speed to your preference and iOS device speed! If you get 'lost in space', try the Camera Reset!

Kid Timber is a Universal App, that means 1 App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Please Consider: This Free app is supported by in-app Ads provided by the iAd and AdMob mobile Ad networks as well as in-house Ads for our other apps.

Our Free apps are intended to represent Wholesome Family Entertainment. We use no in-app purchase content, no 3rd Party data collection or location tracking systems, and advertiser settings attempt to filter out objectionable Ad Content!

While we are not aware of 3rd party collection of device, location or other information, we can not control the Advertiser Networks or Content. Some Ads may take Users to outside Internet sites as directed by Ads or solicit the purchase of other apps, and networks may change Ad Policies. Please see Advertiser Network publications for Advertising information and guidelines.

Please review your device Settings App in the Privacy and General/Restrictions areas to confirm your viewing preferences and password settings for purchases of advertised Apps as well your Parental Control settings on your choice of Device Browser.

If the Ad Networks are a concern, consider the full version for more Shapes and no Ads, just search the App Store for "Timber!".

Tap "?" in Kid Timber any time for the following great Play Tips!

Kid Timber utilizes iOS Finger Gestures for perfect control, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to start building.

Tap a Timber Button from the Menu then Tap the Play Screen to Set.

To move a Timber Log, Tap it to Select, then Tap and Drag. While Dragging your Log, touch the screen with a second finger to rotate the Log in 3D Space!

After you set a Timber Log, Tap to Select, then Tap to Rotate or Delete; the last rotation deletes the Log.

To Stack Timber Logs, Tap and Drag a Log onto another, the Selected Log 'stacks' over the other Log when they 'collide'! The App 'height' limit is 8 Standard Logs.

Even Move, Cut, Copy or Paste Multiple Blocks with the Finger Button!

Single Finger Gestures:

Use one finger to Tap and Hold and Drag the Play Board Left, Right, Forward, and Backward on your Device Screen.

Two Finger Gestures:

Use two fingers close and at once to Rotate and Position your Build in 3D Space! Rotate the Play Grid and your Build 'up', 'down', 'left', or 'right' in 3D Space!

Use two fingers apart to Pinch or Expand, in order to move the 3D Grid Close and Away in 3D Space.

Tip: To make Timber Logs 'hang' in the air, such as for a roof or a window, Stack them on top of other Logs, then Delete the Logs below!

In Settings, control the Play Grid on and off, switch the Background between Black and White, turn Sound on and off, and access "Camera" functions. Use the Camera Speed to control motion response speed of your finger gestures on the touch screen. The "Reset Camera" Button is a quick way to jump back in 3D Space to the original Play Position without loosing your Build.

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