Logic Puzzles by Puzzle Baron

  • Logic Puzzles by Puzzle Baron
  • Logic Puzzles by Puzzle Baron
  • Logic Puzzles by Puzzle Baron
  • Logic Puzzles by Puzzle Baron

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Application Description

Recently released for iPad! The best app for classic grid Logic Puzzles! Decode written clues & fill the grid to solve them. This is the same ★★★★★ rated Puzzle Baron app previously only available on those "other" tablets. Fifty grid-based logic puzzles ranging from intermediate to expert solving ability.

There are 10 backstories and five puzzles for each story that get progressively harder. The 5 puzzles for each story all have a unique solution, clues and statistics. See how your time compares!

Logic Puzzles are popular preparation for the GMAT Logical Reasoning sections and similar deductive exams. Solve these puzzles to keep yourself sharp!

This modern solver has multi-level Undo and the Auto-X features make it easier and quicker to focus on the logic. Keep short notes along with the puzzle to help you make your way to the solution. If you're completely stuck, you have the ability to check the grid for errors or get a hint but each one counts against you.

Volumes 2-10 are available for in-app purchase. Volumes 2-5 each have another 50 puzzles with 10 new backstories and 5 puzzles for each story that get progressively harder. Volumes 6-10 repeat the backstories and allow you to choose harder or easier puzzles. These will provide HOURS and HOURS more fun!

Recent reviews from the "other" tablet versions:

★★★★★ by Totoro. Flawless Implementation of the Logic Puzzle on Tablets. This is exactly what I was hoping it would be when I purchased the game. I works exactly like the pen-and-paper version of the puzzles and provides a good spectrum of difficulty. The best feature is the ability to "remove mistakes" from the playfield. Since I never make any mistakes(lol), it can also be used to "reassure" you that you aren't going down the wrong path if you get stuck.

★★★★★ by Suzy D. I've been looking for exactly this game for a year now. This type of logic puzzle was just waiting for a tech boost -- automatic fill-in, and no dreaded erasing! The interface is perfect: the controls are intuitive, and there's even a note section for when it helps to get your thoughts in order.

★★★★★ by Michele H. If you like brain games and logic puzzles, my personal opinion is there is no better maker of the computerized versions than Puzzle Baron. I had them on my computer and was on my knees grateful when I found them for my [other tablet]. These are the same type of logic puzzles you find in puzzle magazines. There is a cross hatched grid, even a place for notes. If you want a game that will definately hold the attention of the entire family (presuming they are over the age of 8-9), this is it. A definite if you want to keep your brain limber!

All the puzzles have validated difficulty levels and times aggregated from the popular Puzzle Baron websites. His family of web sites have served millions and millions of puzzle enthusiasts since 2006.

High Quality Software, developed by A Gamz. Contact us with any questions at support@agamz.com or our website at www.agamz.com.


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