Cryptograms by Puzzle Baron

  • Cryptograms by Puzzle Baron
  • Cryptograms by Puzzle Baron
  • Cryptograms by Puzzle Baron
  • Cryptograms by Puzzle Baron

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Application Description

Just released for iPad! The best app for serious cryptogram cryptoquip solvers. This is the same ★★★★★ rated Puzzle Baron app previously only available on those "other" tablets. These high quality handpicked quotes are ranked by difficulty, with expert timings and carefully validated to be error free!

The one hundred hand-picked puzzles are organized into ten popular categories like Ancient Wisdom, Celebrities, Comedy, Philosophy, Politicians and Sports. When you finish the puzzle, you'll see a graph showing how your time compares to expert cryptogram puzzlers and the number of hints taken if any.

Designed from scratch for fast iPad play, this app allows you to concentrate on solving the puzzle. The result is pure puzzle solving fun with no ads or distractions!

Advanced play features include letter frequencies, multi-level undo and hints. Three difficulty levels will challenge beginners and seasoned players alike. Share the results with your puzzling friends with a single tap via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Eight more puzzle packs, each with 100 puzzles in various themes like Funny, Inspirational and Killer cryptograms are available for in-app purchase. These will provide HOURS and HOURS of fun!

If you like word games or logic puzzles, cryptograms are a fun way to exercise your brain!

Reviews from the "other" tablet versions:

★★★★★ by Constance L. Many of the quotations I had never heard before, but were very interesting. I liked that the different levels of difficulty were clearly indicated as well. One of my favorite features was the ability to get a "Hint", as I am just getting into these puzzles. The rest of the series is on my agenda, as I complete this book. They are reasonably priced, and you can repeat them by recalling them from your archives. All over evaluation: GREAT!

 ★★★★★ by N.W. These cryptograms are excellent and interesting. They have chosen a wide variety of subjects and individuals for their puzzles which keeps coming back for more.

 ★★★★★ by E.M.M. This is the best cryptogram app ever. The puzzles are organized by topic. There are stars next to each, indicating the degree of difficulty. The puzzle has the letter count under each square, giving you another way to figure out which letter to use. You can turn that feature off. When you enter a letter, all occurrences are filled in for you. Also when you tap on a blank, it turns to yellow and all places where that letter would appear are also yellow. Also, when you enter a letter the next letter in the word is highlighted so you don't have to tap it. Of course, you can jump around in the puzzle if you want. Changing a letter also changes the letter every place that occurs. You can get a hint if you need it. Highly recommended and addictive.

All the puzzles have validated difficulty levels and times aggregated from the popular Puzzle Baron websites. His family of web sites have served millions and millions of puzzle enthusiasts since 2006.

High Quality Software, developed by A Gamz. Contact us with any questions at or our website at


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