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Application Description

The most powerful and feature rich mobile Kakuro game available. (Smartphone Magazine - Best Number Puzzle Game Winner 2007, 2008)

V2 Features a Brand New Puzzle Generator -
All puzzles guaranteed to be solvable by logic alone.

Includes loads of unique Mastersoft features (see features list below)!

Ready for a new challenge? Kakuro is similar to Sudoku but with an additional twist. It is the latest craze to come from the land of the rising sun.

Infact it's a bigger hit in Japan than SuDoku !

Similar rules and just as addictive...

"As the Kakuro puzzles get more advanced, the Mastersoft tools supplied are extremely clever and really help. If you like logic puzzles, I recommend Mastersoft’s ingenious implementation of this game." - Smartphone Magazine

* Unlimited Kakuros
* Many Unique Mastersoft Features including the ability to set bookmarks (or flags) during the game, which allows you to explore possible solutions and quickly get back to a known starting point if it doesn't work out using the 'Ball of String(TM)' function. Includes a uniques 'combo calcuator' which quickly shows you potential number combinations for each sequence in the puzzle. Ball of String(TM), Flag Trail(TM), combo calc and more ...

* Work your way up from Beginner to Kakuro Master !
* Cool scoring system.
* Easily the most powerful Kakuro / Cross Sums game for iPhone.
* Skins
* Enter your (candidates for each cell)working out.
* Choose from a full pallette to color code your entries which with multiple undos makes it easy to try different solution strategies..
* Various types of hint such as
** Naked Singles
** Unique Combos
** Suggest a Cell
** Suggest a value
** and many more ...
* Six levels of difficulty from 'Simple' to "Kakuro Master"
* Six board sizes.
* Unique gameplay with increasing difficulty.
* Designed with the help of over 100 Kakuro Players. Plays the way you want it to !
* Built in timer.
* Lots of options such as hiding the timer and score etc to aid concentration.
* Statistics.
* Rating.
* Advanced statistics.
and Lots, lots more!

NB In reply to the comments, please remember that you cannot repeat the same number in a run of numbers. Please see the rules on how to play Kakuro. ALL Kakuros generated by our software are valid.


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