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Application Description

Mastersoft Chess has one of the World's best chess engines crammed inside! This engine finished 4th in the World Microcomputer Chess Championships and is not available in any other OSX chess game. Designed by chess champions to play like a human opponent, Mastersoft Chess will take you from Novice to Grandmaster level! Features stunning high resolution sets by renowned Chess designers. Mastersoft Chess is free to play at the weekest level. All the higher levels are available as a bundle for just one In App Purchase if you decide that you like our product.

✮✮✮ Easy to play but difficult to beat, this is pick up and play chess at its best! ✮✮✮

As previously supplied by the World's biggest OEMs, and now available for a fraction of the original price thanks to the power of the App Store!

✮✮✮ The #1 Best Selling Chess App for iOS* comes to OSX! ✮✮✮


★"I bought all chess applications for iPhone and this one is probably better than many $7-9 applications. Check TEST ALL. 66 chess applications at only ONE page in the World ..."

★"It truly is close to flawless and is by far the best mobile Chess game I have played on any platform."
- PDA 247.

✮✮✮ AWARDS ✮✮✮

★HP Choice Strategy Game of the Year
★Smartphone Magazine runner up.

Various levels, board styles and breathtaking Retina Display chess sets combine with an outstanding World beating chess engine to offer you a great playing experience and an ever increasing challenge.

Whether you're just starting out or else a seasoned pro, Mastersoft Chess has something for you!


★Hint facility.
★Built in coach to monitor your progress
★Training levels that dumb down your computer.
★Take back a move if you change your mind!
★Your computer checks that your moves are allowed.
★Simple intuitive uncluttered interface that lets you concentrate on your game.
NB If you are new to Chess then please ensure that the coach is turned on in options and that the lowest difficulty level is selected.


★A unique engine unlike any other - plays interesting and sometimes quite aggressive chess.
★Designed to play like a human opponent - right up to Grandmaster level!
★Opening Book of over 23000 moves!
★100% Full Chess rules including enpassant, castling etc.
★Thought analysis (main line, depth and score).
★Setup position (including castling rights, enpassant and side to move)
★Move forward / backward to any point in the current game.
★Includes Standard Chess Book Sets in addition to the realistic ones.


★Huge collection of stunning high resolution chess sets in both 2D and 3D.
★Boards constructed from the real thing - Oak, Ash, Marble, Slate and more!
★Realistic sound effects.
★Adjustable piece movement animation.
★Autosaving of your current game.
★Great for novices but will grow with you and still offer a challenge at Championship level.
★Great value!

*Source: US App Store 2011.


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