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Application Description

Wish you can find your family member or the significant other just by calling them?

We have a new technology breakthrough. Now, you can find your family member or your significant other just by calling them.

Let’s say a mom needs to locate her daughter or son, who said “I will be in a library studying with friends” or “I will be in my friend’s house”.

Just call your child's iPhone. Within 10 seconds*, this app will inform you on the child’s whereabouts on a map.

Unlike other apps, this app does not continuously report the user location. And, it does not silently report the location without the other user's acknowledgement. And, this app finds the other user only when you call them.

And, you don’t have to make a full call to the other user. Just make it ring few times and hang up. That’s all. The other user doesn't have to answer it to make it work.

Because of this, the child knows the parent is making the location request, when a call is received from the parent and when it hangs up.

You can use this app to find your significant other, if you are a couple. Or you may find other uses.

We hope our user community finds this app helpful. We engineered this app over one and half years to be the most highly optimized solution with the GPS battery usage with hundreds of field tests. Using this app typically should last 48 hours straight from a full charge.

- Once you dial your girlfriend, for example, let it ring for few times. Then hang up.
- Within 10 seconds or so, you should receive a notification from this app.
- Tap the notification message to reveal the found location of your girlfriend.
- You may use to locate your boyfriend, spouse, children or others.

*This app supports only iPhone device.
"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."


Your mobile device must have at least 1.86 MB of space to download and install Just Call Me Pro app. Just Call Me Pro on sale for only $1.99! Download it from iTunes now to save money. Hurry in for the deals, they are updated daily.

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