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Application Description

Teach your iPhone, iPod and iPad to start a live fireball on your hand.


Start it by teaching your iPhone, iPod or iPad few Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

aTo do so, open “Burn My Finger” for iOS app.

1. Tap “Human Eye” button.
2. Now pick a solid color object like a red or blue ball/
3. Place the object on your hand.
4. Point the iPhone/iPod/iPad camera to the object in hand.
5. Tap the object shown on the screen few times until that object is shown in white color.
6. Tap “Android Eye” button.
7. Tap the same object shown on the screen again until the object is shown in blue.
8 Tap “Presto!” button. This will teach iPhone, iPod or iPad to morph the object to a live fire ball.

Now, you may move your hand or the ball around. Your iPhone, iPod or iPad tracks it live, while keeping the live ball ball going at the same spot where the object is.

To find out more, Tap “i” (info) button on upper left corner of the screen.


Your mobile device must have at least 9.06 MB of space to download and install Burn My Finger app. Burn My Finger was updated to a new version. Purchase this version for $0.99

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