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  • The Habit Factor®  (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity)
  • The Habit Factor®  (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity)
  • The Habit Factor®  (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity)

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Application Description

Thanks for making The Habit Factor® the World's Bestselling productivity dynamic duo (app & book) & #1 Goals & Habits App!

"With regular use of The Habit Factor®, you can develop any habit necessary to achieve any goal you set for yourself." ~Brian Tracy

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C|Net | TEDx | | | | | | Southwest Airlines, Spirit Magazine | dozens of other top productivity blogs!

Wanted something like this book and app for a long time. I have tried every goal setting thing there is... pure genius." ~Amazon book review

Great Program! Just read the book and started my first goal on the app. I can already see how powerful this will be... ~Canada User Review

"The Habit Factor is absolutely packed with features... WHEN YOU'RE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR HABITS, start here."

ONLY The Habit Factor® offers:
• Habit Alignment Technology™ knows the difference between goals & habits
• HabitStrength™ Ability to systematically build behaviors into habits!
• Custom Tracking Periods: THF's own, proprietary habit formation system.

THF is a simple yet sophisticated app designed for those who grasp the difference between Goals and Habits. ALL the other apps actually regard these as the same!?

Frustrated with all the copycat FREE, .99¢ and $1.99 Trackers?
• NO EMAIL Acct or LOGIN required like many habit apps!
• ADD a PHOTO! Most habit apps can't!
• No annoying mobile ads!
• Patent Pending: ONLY app to feature Habit Alignment Technology™
• THF is praised by top coaches, trainers & PhD's internationally!
• As one reviewer put it, "The only goals & habits app actually designed for Adults!"
• NOTE: Be suspicious of 1 Star reviews since users can try the FREE/LITE version first to see if they like app BEFORE buying. (curious isn't it?)

The Habit Factor® is the professional's choice for positive behavior change and habit development. Learn more, become a Habit Factor Certified Professional. Take your practice to the next level!

More Raving Fans of THF!
"Great work on The Habit Factor®! It's all about habits. Good ones or bad ones, they make a huge impact!" ~Roz Savage Ocean Rower, Eco Activist, Author, Speaker

This is how you make your smart phone truly SMART! "This is an incredible app to use..." Glenn Magas -Pro Blogger

"This app is awesome. It’s basically Applied Behavior Analysis for self-management... it uses experimentally derived principles of behavior (whether the developers knew/intended this or not)...” Review by "ABA"

"There is something absolutely magic about this system..." @joncarder (twitter)

The Habit Factor® is the ONLY app to feature HABIT ALIGNMENT TECHNOLOGY™ enabling you to achieve more in less time by aligning numerous critical habits to your goals!

The Habit Factor® helps you to quickly establish, track and align your habits with your desired goals to improve your character and enable more precise achievement.

- Streaks Charting!
- Simple, elegant and clean user interface (designed for iPhone not web)
- Motivate! write WHY you wish to develop the habit or goal
- ALIGN! Habit Alignment Technology™ Aligns your habits with goals to achieve goals more quickly
- Custom Tracking Periods; week, month, custom or none.
- Select target days for habits
- BALANCE! Color code habits with key wellness categories; Mind, Body, Spirit and Social
- Daily Tracking Notes!
- Sort/Prioritize Habits and Goals
- Chart habit or goal data
- Too many to list!!

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