The Habit Factor® LITE (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity)

  • The Habit Factor® LITE  (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity)
  • The Habit Factor® LITE  (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity)
  • The Habit Factor® LITE  (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity)
  • The Habit Factor® LITE  (Daily Habits & Goals Tracker / Productivity)

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Application Description

Thanks for making The Habit Factor® the world's bestselling productivity dynamic duo (app & book) & #1 Goals & Habits App!

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"With regular use of The Habit Factor®, you can develop any habit necessary to achieve any goal you set for yourself."
~Brian Tracy

--NO EMAIL Account or LOGIN required either (like some other free apps!

--TEST for yourself, Checkout PRO app reviews too! ;)

--AD FREE!! Other Free Trackers littered with annoying pop-up ads! You have to PAY to remove!

(Note: Free/Lite version limited to 3 Active Habits and 1 Active Goal)

--Wanted something like this book and app for a long time. I have tried every goal setting thing there is... pure genius." ~Amazon book review

--Great Program! Just read the book and started my first goal on the app. I can already see how powerful this will be... ~Canada User Review

Only The Habit Factor® offers:
• Habit Alignment Technology™ recognizes difference between goals and habits
• HabitStrength™ - Ability to systematically build behaviors into habits!
• Custom Tracking Periods: Part of THF's own, proprietary habit formation system.

"The Habit Factor is absolutely packed with features... WHEN YOU'RE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR HABITS, start here."

The Habit Factor® is a simple yet sophisticated app designed for those who grasp the difference between Goals and Habits. Other apps actually regard these as the same!?

Frustrated with all the copycat FREE, .99¢ and $1.99 habit trackers?
• NO EMAIL Acct or LOGIN required like many habit apps!
• NO POP UP ads!
• Patent Pending; the ONLY app featuring Habit Alignment Technology™
• ADD a PHOTO to your goals! Most habit apps can't
• New! When you upgrade to PRO & you can transfer lite data! (via backup acct)
• THF is Praised by top coaches, trainers & PhD's internationally!
• As one reviewer put it, "The only goals & habits app actually designed for Adults!"
• Join the 2,500+ Fans and growing! Get inspired today!

Proven: The fastest, easiest way to achieve your goals! Here's how:
1) Establish major goals like "write a book" or "run a marathon"
2) Use Habit Alignment Technology™: Create related habits crafted specifically to support each goal the align them.
3) Track!
4) Graph: Generate charts from the app that show your progress!

Example: If your goal is to "Write a book", you might create a related habit of "writing for 30 minutes a day" and set that to 3x per week (you choose which days).

The Habit Factor® is the professional's choice for positive behavior change and habit development. Learn more, become a Habit Factor Certified Professional. Take your practice to the next level!

Enjoy & Thank you! Keep the feedback coming!


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