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Application Description

Ask3 allows students and teachers to collaborate on lessons in and outside of the classroom. By turning your iPad into a recordable whiteboard, lessons can be posted into an Ask3 classroom where others can add text and video comments, questions and answers. Whether students are asking questions or answering them for others, peer to peer teaching is possible with Ask3- anywhere, and any time.

Ideal for K-12 teachers & students with iPads.

* Teach it once, and share with the class
* Students can answer each other’s questions before asking the teacher
* Provide an open forum for discussion in an iPad classroom
* Create quick visual lessons, and narrate as you go
* Encourage your students to give constructive feedback and praise
* Collaborate with your students through sets of video conversations
* Easily get your point across on visual problems (math, science, physics)
* Visually explain photos, sentence structure, and more in social studies, art, foreign language and English
* Help with homework even when you're not in class
* See what students are struggling with & personalize your teaching
* Fill knowledge gaps for your students
* Easy-to-use teacher app for a flipped classroom

* Make your own drawings with the pen tool in multiple color choices
* Quickly draw attention with popular symbols (arrows, circles, lines, and more)
* Undo/Redo tools make editing easy
* Delete comments & videos you no longer need
* Dynamic timeline makes it easy to see questions & comments
* Use educational photos & pictures from your iPad or take your own photos with the built-in camera
* Secure classroom app only shares videos & comments within the class

* Free tech support
* Superior sharing & collaboration compared to competitors
* From the creators of Coach's Eye & Screenchomp
* TechSmith has been working with educators for 25 years


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