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  • Current Version:Version: 2.6.2
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  • Download Size:App Size: 160.51 MB

Application Description

Camtasia gives you all the tools you need to create engaging, high-quality videos with ease. Whether you need to put together an eye-catching training video, presentation, or demo video, Camtasia makes it easy to communicate your message visually, add professional polish, and capture onscreen activity.

*Capture What You’re Seeing and Doing*
Fire up the application, webpage, or Keynote presentation that you want to appear in your screencast video, and the screen recorder captures everything that happens on your screen.

*Create Videos with Professional Polish*
Camtasia makes you look like a video pro- even if you’re not one. Quickly and easily emphasize your movements, create interactive content, and captivate your audience like never before. Simply drag-and-drop annotations, transitions, spotlights, and more directly into your video.

*Communicate Your Message Visually*
Share high-quality, HD videos that your viewers can watch anytime, on nearly any device. The TechSmith Smart Player allows your viewers to access your content virtually anywhere-even from browsers or devices that are not Flash-enabled.

And use Camtasia’s output to TechSmith’s free hosting site,, to upload, manage, view, and share your HD-quality video. You can also share your videos to YouTube, Apple devices, your website, blog, and more.

**Technical Note**

There are a number of third-party QuickTime components that can be installed on the computer that are not currently compatible with an application running in a sandboxed environment. If present, these components can lead to instability or even application crashes. At this time, we recommend updating these components to the latest version available from the component’s vendor so there is no conflict with the Camtasia application.

For more information see this article:

Top Features:
•Recorder: A simple screen recorder that captures anything on your screen.

•Redesigned Editor Interface: Create and Edit videos faster than ever.

•Sketch Motion Callouts: Draw attention to specific areas with a professional, animated look.

•Clip Speed: Make your videos the perfect length.

•Remove a Color (Chroma Key): Put yourself right in the action of your video.

•Blur Effect: Hide sensitive information with ease

•Cursor FX: Emphasize your mouse cursor to help your viewers follow the action.

•Freeze Region: Effortlessly remove unwanted mistakes and pop-up notifications during a screen recording with a professional finish.

•Stitching: Edit specific pieces of a clip and then automatically join together the adjacent clips of the same file, effects and all.

•Annotations: Complete your story with speech bubbles, arrows, shapes, and more.

•Tilt and Restore Animations: Add a simple tilt effect to captivate your audience.

•Extended Frame: Give yourself a little more time to highlight specific points of interest.

•Device Framing: Add a frame around your videos to show off your apps like never before.

•Closed or Open Captions: Synchronize audio with onscreen caption text.


Your mobile device must have at least 160.51 MB of space to download and install Camtasia 2 app. Camtasia 2 was updated to a new version. Purchase this version for $99.99

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