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Application Description

The core of the 'Psychic Summit: Aquarium 2' app is a generative music player. We took some of our favorite music from the AQ2 audio sessions (Morgan Kuhli, Liteworks, &) + select field recordings and created sets of interchangeable loops that could be played or remixed. You 'play' a song via the tone wheel and can stack more sounds or full tracks while playing.

A remote control for the Aquarium 2 Blu-ray. Requires a BD Live enabled Blu-ray player, a network connection, the BD disc and a Wi-fi enabled iPhone/iPod touch.

Fish reference guide: We give you hints on the disc of the various fish in each tank via the on screen facts. In this app, there’s a deeper guide to help you figure out your favorite fish. If you haven’t checked out our disc, here’s your chance to see some of the tanks and their inhabitants. All photos come directly from the 4k Red masters.

'Psychic Summit: Aquarium 2' is a cooperation between Psychic Summit, Communal & Juggleware.


Your mobile device must have at least 96.87 MB of space to download and install Aquarium 2 app. Aquarium 2 is available on iTunes for $0.00

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