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Application Description

*Now with Twitter integration!* tweet at your friends!

Pocket Troll is an animated random insult generator that uses our own unique word lists to create brand-new, never-heard-before and hilarious slanders against your arch-nemesis, your boss, your friends or just your mom.

Sometimes it's hard to come back with just the right comeback. Or maybe you're worried you're getting cocky and you'd like to be knocked down a peg? Like the troll on your favorite internet message board or underneath your favorite bridge, Pocket Troll is here to help!

Uses our own state-of-the-art verbal matrix synthesizer to construct insults with more wit, good humor and innuendo than your outmoded, run-of-the-mill word mangler. Need a good comeback or just a good laugh? Delivered by an animated fairy-tale troll, a variety of sentence structures and a huge dictionary of unflattering words assure that you will get a unique and hilarious insult every time.


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