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  • Worms Soundboard
  • Worms Soundboard
  • Worms Soundboard
  • Worms Soundboard

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Application Description

From Team17 Software Ltd., the creators of the best-selling Worms™, Worms™ HD and Worms™ 2: Armageddon games on the App Store, comes the official, and free, Worms™ Soundboard App.

Get in the mood for cartoon-based carnage with some hilarious and anarchic Worms™ catchphrases, taunts and exclamations from some of the best all-time Worms™ soundbanks (‘Classic’, ‘Angry Scots’ and ‘Soul Man’), including “Incoming!”, “Fatality”, “Stupid” and “Grenade!”

The Worms™ Soundboard also features a variety of sound effects from the crazy turn-based-strategy blast-a-thons, such as the Super Sheep’s fanfare, the Holy Hand Grenade’s rousing ‘Hallelujah’, and the sweet sounds of the Concrete Donkey. Brace yourself, grab a grenade (or even a bazooka!) and prepare for battle with the official Worms™ Soundboard.

Keep an eye (and ear) out for free future updates, with even more Worms™ soundbanks…..you won’t regret it!

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