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  • Wallpapers - Forgotten Colours
  • Wallpapers - Forgotten Colours
  • Wallpapers - Forgotten Colours

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Application Description

Put some color and inspiration back into your life, with Wallpapers – Forgotten Colours. These wonderful, high resolution graphics and motivating messages come directly from the Forgotten Colours book that has charmed and captivated audiences around the world. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this exclusive collection today!

“There are quite a few beautiful wallpapers in here, from the daily special to the high res illustrations from the book. If you're any fan of wild vibrant splashes of color, this is an absolute must-have.”
- Foxyshadis

i love it!
“The wallpapers are way better than any other i would happyly pay for it if it cost money.”
- mika211


Life has become boring, routine. You feel as though you’ve lost your spark and somewhere along the way, you started living in black and white. Where is that zest and vibrancy you used to have? More importantly, how can you find it again?

Bring back the forgotten colors of your life with Wallpapers – Forgotten Colours. These beautifully illustrated backgrounds for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad provide daily inspiration to stir your emotions and give your motivation a kick-start.

Each Forgotten Colours wallpaper comes with an excerpt from the successful graphic novel of the same name. You’ll discover and take on new hues within the inspiring phrases, to add color and life to your world again.

This application consists of an exclusive collection of Forgotten Colours wallpapers. Select your own uplifting illustration and message, or let the App recommend one every day if you can’t decide which ones to choose.

Wallpapers – Forgotten Colours is a great accompaniment to the book. You’ll relive the feelings and messages as you carry this portable inspiration with you, wherever you go. Even if you’ve never read , the app serves to help you fill in the forgotten colors of your life.

♦ Look at the colorful features you get in Wallpapers – Forgotten Colours:

✓ Beautiful, easy to use interface
✓ Exclusive collection of illustrated wallpapers
✓ Based on the captivating book for iPad, Forgotten Colours
✓ High resolution graphics and inspiring book excerpts
✓ Double wallpapers for a complete customization of your device.
✓ Select your own wallpaper or let the App recommend a different one each day
✓ Universal App works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
✓ Perfect accessory to remind you of the messages and feelings of the book’s stories

Stop living in black and white! Download Wallpapers – Forgotten Colours and regain your spark and color!



● Forgotten Colours for iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id419101522

● Inspiration Dormant (iBook): http://itunes.apple.com/book/id482558163


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