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  • Current Version:Version: 1.3
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  • Category:Category: Business
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Application Description

The VMI app is a must have for programme makers in the UK. It is an app for creating Broadcast HD shooting packages for rental in London and allows you to download and browse the entire VMI equipment database remotely.

You can view product information and have access to manufacturer product website pages.
Access relevent associated equipment in product category groups.

Access special VMI website camera hire shooting packages for at the same prices.
Access VMI News and events.

You can create your own shooting kits or archive, retrieve, copy and update old shooting kits.

These shooting kits can be accessed via the internet at www.vmi.tv by you sharing the same login details.

Store and retrieve addresses for delivery.
You can share equipment packages with other users on their iPhone or internet.

So, the VMI ap allows you to create your own standard shooting kits; share a particular kit with your producer, who can update the shooting dates and contact information

Finally, you can send the equipment list to VMI for an urgent quote preparation.

Don't worry about VMI's extensive database taking up too much space either, as only the text is updated and stored on your iPhone. Images are pulled off the server on demand and then cached locally and all options are programmable in the [more] section of the App.

Best of all it is free, so download it now!


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