Viz Profanisaurus Das Krapital

  • Viz Profanisaurus Das Krapital
  • Viz Profanisaurus Das Krapital
  • Viz Profanisaurus Das Krapital

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Application Description

The brand new Profanisaurus Das Krapital App brings 12,000 degenerate definitions to your hand.

Cross-linked entries enable you to finally make sense of what a sleeping fruit bat is and why you'd never want to mention knuckle glitter in polite company.

Browse profanities by topics ranging from verbal to the loo, alphabetically or at random, and make your own list of favoured words so that you can find the perfect term to define those difficult situations when you're on the train home next to a Pocket Fisherman.

Enliven your dull Email, Twitterings and Facebook life with the full folly and crudity of Roger's largest Profanisaurus yet.

Even better, it's completely uncensored enabling you to enjoy Viz just as Roger intended.


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