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Application Description

Apple Featured it in "Best Hunting Games"

☆☆ 3 in 1 Hunting, Skeet & Archery ☆☆

"You'll need to be quick to spot, steady to line up and ready too shoot accurate, then once more - move aim fire, move aim fire, the action never ends."

Hunt wild animals Bear's, Stag's, Wolves, Duck's, Squirrel's all with true life animations using scoped iphone Accelerometer tilt controls. Game includes Skeet Shooting and Archery Bonus rounds, battle to retain 7 trophy's against World Online players.

In this deep forest environment you are a hunter in your own element, with every pounding beat of your heart matched against the tick of the clock are you able to slow your heart rate down and take precision shots or wlll you just be carried away with the excitement of the motions of those animals before your very eyes.

➤ Loads of animals Bear's, Stag's, Wolves, Duck's,
Squirrel's all with true life animations in Snow,
Forest, Rock Ledge and Cave environments.
➤ Skeet Shooting over 9 rounds.
➤ Archery Bonus rounds 10-50m + wind factor.
➤ Weather conditions : Snow & Rain.
➤ Scope Action using Accelerometer tilt control.
➤ World Online Rankings:
Top 50 in 8 categories with 7 Trophies to win.
➤ Realistic stunning 3D arcade hunting simulation.
➤ Unique Original Soundtrack adds to the tension.
➤ Stunning deep visuals.
➤ Addictive non-stop action game-play.

Plus so much more...


Your mobile device must have at least 8.91 MB of space to download and install Trophy Hunt app. Trophy Hunt is available on iTunes for $0.99

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