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  • Current Version:Version: 1.22
  • Device Type:Device: iPhone Ready
  • Category:Category: Productivity
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  • Download Size:App Size: 5.17 MB

Application Description

Taskcat is a fast swiping productivity task list. Try it. No menus and sub-menus to navigate. Just add, go about your day, cross it out, and pick a new target.

Updated on Jun 15th, 2012

Basic Gesture-based Controls:
- One swipe the bottom section to navigate
- Cross out tasks by swiping to the right
- Delete a single tasks by swiping right again
- Add a task using the “+” button
- Uncross out tasks by swiping to the left
- Share tasks on Today List by swiping left, when not crossed.
- Shake the phone to sort the list by is/not crossed

Advanced Controls:
- Hold the right Arrow to jump to the last page (Red)
- Hold the left Arrow to jump to the first page (Today)
- Tap the arrows to move between pages, instead of swipe
- Double/Triple tapping an arrow will move multiple pages
- Tap title to change it
- Quickly reorder within a list using grip bars
- Lock a page by using the gears and entering a pass-code
- Insert into a list using the (+) in the modify dialog
- Tap left circle of an item to quickly share it with today
- Hold colored arrow on today to jump to originating page
- You can jump to the last page by holding the right arrow
- Also, you can jump to the today page by holding left arrow
- iPhone 4s can use voice input (Thank you Apple!)

Key Features:
- Swipe navigation between lists
- Quick entry of new tasks
- Today List consolidation for focus
- Easily share tasks to the “Today List”
- Easily touch and drag reorder with-in a list
- Application badge, displays pending on home screen
- Quickly recycle a list for reuse
- Quickly trash all crossed out items within a list
- Ability to email your list to yourself or friends
- Pass-lock lists to hide “special" tasks you want secret

Planned (Maybe in three months?):
- Move items between lists, not just within a list
- In-app Achievements and stats
- Preloaded skins (so you can reorder the colors)


Your mobile device must have at least 5.17 MB of space to download and install Taskcat app. Taskcat is available on iTunes for $0.99

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