Santa Tracker - North Pole Command Center 2.0

  • Santa Tracker - North Pole Command Center 2.0
  • Santa Tracker - North Pole Command Center 2.0
  • Santa Tracker - North Pole Command Center 2.0
  • Santa Tracker - North Pole Command Center 2.0

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Application Description

Here at the North Pole Science Department, our Elf Engineers are always looking for ways to modernize Christmas, their latest creation is this hi-tech Santa Tracking App! 15 APPS IN ONE!

Using the very latest is Elfish satellite technology, this app can pinpoint Santa's location anywhere on the planet to within an Elfish Micrometer (which is a lot smaller than a regular micrometer!)

The app also allows you to run test flights with Santa's sleigh in the lead up to the big day. Then when the big day arrives it accurately traces Santa's journey across the globe!

There are so many features we'll just have to list them!

• Fully 3D Globe that you can rotate and zoom in or out on!
• Satellite imagery of Santa's journey using iOS Maps!
• 3 Textures for the 3D Globe!
• Sleigh data such as km/h and percentage of presents delivered sent dynamically to the app as Santa makes his journey!
• Send Santa on test runs where you can control the speed of his sleigh!
• Countdown timer to the big day!
• 5 Christmas Carols to get you in the holiday spirit!

Our top Elf's weren't satisfied with simply making a Santa Tracker, so they included a TON of extra features! Such as:-

Elfbook - The latest craze sweeping the North Pole. This is THE social networking site for Elves and Reindeer!

North Pole Joke Generator - Amuse yourself and your friends with hundreds of our Elf technicians favourite Christmas jokes!

Santa's Blog - Mrs. Claus finally convinced Santa to start writing a "Blog!" Catch up with Santa with Santa Tracker!

Texts From Santa - Message Santa and have him message you back! (Grown ups are required to work this feature!)

The List - Santa's Naughty/Nice List has finally gone digital! Check out where you are on THE LIST!

North Pole News - Brand new Digital News Feed straight from the North Pole!

Recipes - Get cooking with some of Mrs. Claus' favourite recipes!

The app now includes the following prototypes direct from Santa's Science Department:-

• Face Swapper - Swap the faces in your pics! Hours of fun!
• Beardifier - Want a beard like Santa's but havent got the time to grow one? WORRY NOT! The Beardifier adds a beard automatically to anyone you take a photo of!
• Elf-ifier - Add elf ears and hats to your pics!
• Santa Booth - Add images of Santa to your photos!
• The Scanner - Want to know if youve been naughty or nice? Simply take a photo of yourself and the naughty nice scanner will check it against the North Pole Database!

Phew! That was a lot of describing... Basically, this is THE Christmas app for you!

Created by Santa's top Elves!


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