Qnekt - The ultimate conference app

  • Qnekt - The ultimate conference app
  • Qnekt - The ultimate conference app
  • Qnekt - The ultimate conference app
  • Qnekt - The ultimate conference app

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Application Description

Qnekt is built and designed to maximise the participant experience. Easy access to information, create your own schedule, in app communication between participants. Take notes during lectures and seminars. Take part in polls and navigate easy with venue maps and more.

For the participant:
In app messages with other participants, book a meeting before, during and follow up after the event.
List of all participants with detailed info
Program overview with detail information on each session
Takes notes on sessions and activities
Share all notes, get the most out of every session
Connect with Twitter, Facebook or email
Activity field with all related event information
Map and venue map for easy navigation
Vote on polls, see what your fellow participants think about chosen topics.
Add as many events as you want, download Qnekt ones and after that add as many conferences as you want.

For the event organiser:
A communication channel to participants with push notifications
An easy to understand admin panel
Real time polls with real time statistics
Participant engagement from now until forever
Overview of the program and participants
Easy to update schedule
Venue map to guide your attendees around
Activity feed for everyone to take part of good for example to announce the newest speaker before the event
Information site, with links to sponsors, info about the wifi, #hashtags and more.
Social media sharing

Qnekt is created to minimize the clutter for your guests so they can connect, meet up and make good business because high quality meetings lead to high quality business. And you are the one that creates that opportunity.

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