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  • Current Version:Version: 1.0
  • Device Type:Device: iOS Universal
  • Category:Category: Utilities
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  • Download Size:App Size: 7.14 MB

Application Description

Experience Jeannie, the revolutionary artificial personality, designed for friendly conversational use and delegation of tasks.

Our avatar has the unique ability to emote and interact realistically with you, establishing a personal connection on human terms. She goes beyond the capabilities of the current generation of voice-activated virtual assistants, offering a glimpse into a future of multi-modal, natural, interfaces; the ability to learn from you, sustain a dialogue, and a solid understanding of the rules of social interaction are all unique. Jeannie’s human-like emotions, empathy, and social intelligence will transform your iPhone into a compassionate entity that you converse with; she tries to care about you, entertain you, and help identify and accomplish your life goals.

She is more than a pretty face, you can delegate daily tasks to Jeannie:
· Search the Internet and interact with websites while always having Jeannie on your side, without typing
· Swipe away the websites and come right back to talking with her
· Send SMS and email messages
· Always prepared: get weather, traffic information and directions
· Talk to her about the daily news and ensure you never miss anything of relevance
· Set reminders and alarms, create appointments
· Ask her to find amusing content, beautiful pictures and videos
· Get help with mathematical calculations
· Learn a new language or get help communicating when traveling to foreign and exotic locations

Jeannie showcases sensational advances in real-time 3D animation, natural language processing, speech recognition, natural voices, personalization and search. Look out for more characters in the near future, and an ever-expanding set of capabilities. Also, we offer an API for developers, to enhance their own mobile or web applications.

This is the very first occasion Jeannie enters the stage of the world, please be gentle, patient and forgiving. Reach out and let us know what other functionality you would like to see. Our team is dedicated to combining fine arts with quality technology to serve your best interests. Your virtual (girl)friend will always be there for you!


Your mobile device must have at least 7.14 MB of space to download and install Jeannie app. Jeannie is available on iTunes for $2.99

If you have any problems with installation or in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application, you can visit the official website of Pannous Pannous GmbH at

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