iBird Journal: Listing Birds of North America

  • iBird Journal: Listing Birds of North America
  • iBird Journal: Listing Birds of North America
  • iBird Journal: Listing Birds of North America
  • iBird Journal: Listing Birds of North America

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Application Description

► Special Launch Sale: To celebrate the launch of iBird Journal for North America we are reducing the $19.99 list price to just $9.99.

Ready to take birding to a whole new level? In development for over two years, iBird Journal is the first sighting app designed to make list-keeping fun, easy and most of all unforgettable. Whether you keep a life list, a backyard list or never have made a list before you’ll find iBird Journal the perfect app.

iBird Journal saves observations of birds with incredible detail. It seamlessly integrates with Mitch Waite Group’s iBird - the world’s most popular line of field guide apps – but can be used with any field guide app. Here is how it works: After you have identified a bird species, simply press the journal button that is found on all species pages. The iBird Journal app starts and opens an “observation” form for the species you started with. Journal does most of the work for you by auto-magically adding your GPS location, the date and time, the weather and more. It’s up to you if you wish add more information or do it later. And if you do there is an amazing amount of detail you can add. Another innovation is Journal’s finger-friendly interface, which makes it the perfect app for doing “bird counts”, such as the Audubon Christmas Bird Count or the Great Backyard Bird Count.

iBird Journal not only lets you memorialize your bird sightings, it does it in an extremely efficient manner by storing data in a built-in SQLite database. Journal has built-in tools for analyzing your observations and it can export to Excel so you can analyze your observations later using any kind of reporting system. With Journal you can capture everything including your bird’s species type, sex, age, the area you’ve covered, number of observers and much more.

Most important Journal goes beyond any sighting app on the market by letting you create “checklists” of birds you would LIKE to see. Checklists are perfect for bird outings, tours and bird counts where you know what you are looking for but need a way to instantly check off those birds from a pre-made list. Journal will display all the birds you have recorded on a map of the world and lets you filter by the dates you saw these species.

Journal is perfect for sharing observations on social networks – it will share your discoveries on Facebook, Twitter or by email – including as much sighting detail as you wish – even photos. You can think of iBird Journal as the ultimate rare bird alert app.

The reporting feature in Journal lets you analyze your entire database of observations by date range, list, locations, minimum observed count and species – answering questions like ‘how many times have I seen the Black-necked Stilt between April and June of 2010 in California”?

You’ll never have to worry about losing your observations as Journal will back up and restore your observations one of three ways: by email in its native format, to and from any free Dropbox account or as an eBird compatible CSV file. And if you are a heavy user of eBird you can import any eBird CSV into Journal and from then on use it to send and receive eBird sightings.

iBird Journal is the perfect app to keep a record of all your bird sightings and the ultimate way to memorialize your hobby for the future.

▶ Journal is a “universal” app so it works perfectly on iPad or iPhone.

▶ No limits to number of observations.

▶ Checklists. Besides basic lists Journal's checklists let you set up birds you “wish” to observe and check them off as they are found.

▶ Integrates with the entire iBird product line but works for any birding app.

▶ Reporting feature allows unlimited ways to view your lists.

Whether you wish to keep simple lists of the birds you see everyday, start a list of birds you see in the backyard, on a trip or every bird you have seen in your life, iBird Journal is the app you have been waiting for.


Your mobile device must have at least 172.59 MB of space to download and install iBird Journal: Listing Birds of North America app. iBird Journal: Listing Birds of North America is available on iTunes for $9.99

If you have any problems with installation or in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application, you can visit the official website of Mitch Waite Group at http://ibird.com.

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