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Application Description

★ Featured in The New York Times, Consumer Reports, The Daily.

★★★ If you are a seasoned gym goer or a pro, look no further, GymGoal is the most powerful, flexible and professional workout tracker for iOS. GymGoal is used by many pros and trainers.

★★★ If you are a beginner, GymGoal will organize your workouts and teach you how to work out for strength, muscle size or weight loss.

GymGoal may be more complex than some other workout apps, but that's because it's so powerful and flexible. Explore the features, and soon you will realize that learning GymGoal is an investment well worth the effort!


• 280 exercises with animations and step by step instructions. You can add your own exercises.
• Pictures, text and youtube clips can be attached to any exercise.
• 52 workout routines. You can add your own routines.
• Flexible tracking system for strength and cardio workouts. Supersets and drop-sets are supported. Track variables that you care about. Log a routine or any exercise. Edit/move/duplicate/delete your log records.
• The workout logging screen is very thought-through. Everything can be done with minimal efforts, and you can do a lot on this screen, from just recording your weight x reps to starting a timer to copying data from history. You can even enter a new custom exercise with pictures in the middle of your workout.
• Bodyweight and assisted-weight exercises automatically use your body weight or a part of it, and you can record an additional weight.
• GymGoal automatically calculates 1RM from your log, but you can also track your actual 1RM for every exercise.
• Workout history by muscle shows muscles that you neglect. Professional volume load and training intensities tracking. Many other professional features.
• Weekly or rotating workout scheduling.
• Body measurements tracking plus additional custom trackers.
• One-rep Max, BMI, BMR, Body Fat Percentage, TDEE, Target Heart Rate calculators and progress tracking.
• Three timers.
• You don't need an Internet connection - everything is stored on your device.
• Ability to back up your data to the server (free), or to email it. You can copy your data between iPhones and other supported devices.
• Workout logs, measurements, routines and the schedule can be emailed for review and printing.
• Compare your results to other GymGoal users.
• 3 user accounts and an option to have 30 accounts.


• GymGoal is used by over a million people, from beginners to pro athletes and trainers.
• GymGoal is in AppStore since 2008. It will not disappear like some other workout apps.

This free app has all features of GymGoal 1. It has ads, that can be removed for a small fee.


Your mobile device must have at least 47.45 MB of space to download and install GymGoal Free app. GymGoal Free is available on iTunes for $2.99

If you have any problems with installation or in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application, you can visit the official website of Maryna Kolokolkina at

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