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Application Description

Be thoroughly prepared for your next Flight Review with Sporty’s interactive iPhone/iPad app!

Using a visual menu system, Flight Review is broken down into 6 subject areas and 42 individual video segments. Based on Sporty’s award-winning Private Pilot Flight Training Course, the Flight Review app contains over 96 minutes of engaging 3D animations and in-flight video.

With the intuitive menu, you’ll be able to quickly access the topics you want to watch. Or, watch them all for a comprehensive review.

The video plays full size on all the current iOS devices, including the high-resolution iPad and iPhone 4.

Also included is a review quiz based on content from the videos. After finishing the questions you’ll receive instant feedback on your score and be able to review missed questions. There’s even a way to quickly review the video segment from which the question is based.

We’ve additionally included the FAA publication “Conducting an Effective Flight Review” – complete with a table of contents to quickly access each section. This helpful guide is useful for both students who are getting ready to take a flight review, as well as for flight instructors preparing to give one. And you can quickly print the worksheets and checklists using the AirPrint functionality and a networked printer (requires iOS 4.2 or higher).

Flight Review covers the following topics:

•Aeromedical Factors
--Carbon Monoxide
--Visual Illusions
--Night Illusions
--Nitrogen & Scuba

--Class A
--Class B
--Class C
--Class D
--Class E
--Class G
--Special Use Airspace
--Other Airspace (e.g. Military Training Routes)
--Terminal Radar Service Areas (TRSA)
--Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs)

--Aviation Charts

--Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)
--Fuel Planning
--Medical Requirements
--Supplemental Oxygen
--PIC Responsibilities
--Pilot Currency
--Pilot Documents
--Seatbelt Use

•Airport Signs & Markings
--Closed Runways
--Displaced Threshold
--Runway Lighting
--Taxi & Runway Signs

--Airmets & Sigmets
--Convective Outlook
--En Route Flight Advisory Service (EFAS)
--Radar Reports
--Winds Aloft

Don’t wait for your next flight review to get current—use this app to improve your skills today. It covers everything you should know to impress your instructor and ace your next flight review. It also makes a great reference, easily reviewed in between flights.

And, this app is APPROVED FOR FAA WINGS CREDIT! Visit sportys.com/wings for more information on the FAA Wings program.

Sporty’s Pilot Shop is the world’s leading provider of aviation training material, having trained thousands of pilots for over 50 years.

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