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Application Description

Crabs and Penguins is designed to work with iPad2, the New iPad and iPhone 4S. Not compatible with iPhone4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1 or iPod Touch devices.
***A beautiful and epic oceanic adventure game free from Coca-Cola. Lead the Hero Crab by jumping swimming and diving. Travel from a tropical paradise through shark infested waters full of sunken pirate ships into the frigid and dangerous arctic north. Bring happiness to the penguins by returning a lost ball and collect coins and bonuses on the way by making friends with whales and polar bears. Experience six levels of gameplay through an amazing 3D oceanic world.

Leave a Crab… Return a Hero!

HINT: Click and hold “Jump” to float through the sky and collect even more sand dollars.
Developed by The Coca-Cola Content Factory and Ember Lab. Music by Jeff Rona.

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Designed for players 13 years of age and older.


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