Crabby Writer: Phonics Read & Write

  • Crabby Writer: Phonics Read & Write
  • Crabby Writer: Phonics Read & Write
  • Crabby Writer: Phonics Read & Write
  • Crabby Writer: Phonics Read & Write

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Application Description

Teacher developed app. Crabby Writer teaches early writing, reading, literacy and phonics for Preschool, Kindergarten, and first (1st) grade.

Our teacher-designed phonics and literacy game includes alphabet sounds (phonemes), rhyming words, themed words, spelling, proper letter formation, pincer-grip action, and a keep sake scrapbook designed to remind players of word meanings. It is fun to write in the sand, collect sea shells, and decorate sandcastles on our welcoming beach. Sand writing can now be at your child’s fingertips as we reinforce both phonics and rhyming structure. A literacy specialist who was among the first to try it out remarked, “What if learning to read had been this fun when we were young?”

It’s fun to learn to read and write on this beautiful beach, where waves wash from sea to sand, clearing a new surface for learning on phone-sized or tablet-sized devices.


-SAILBOATS: select 3 or 4 letter rhyming words, or words grouped by theme.
-SCRAPBOOK: review sandcastle decorations, word lists, and whimsical sounds.
-SAND PAIL: notice vocabulary words on the pail where shells are collected.
-CRABBY CLUES: our little crab will give clues about the directional path of a letter.
-DECORATE SANDCASTLE: use alphabet seashells, numbered bottle caps, and more to spell your name, write words, practice phone numbers and be creative!
-TRASH: this completely clears away decorations from a selected sandcastle.
-SAVE: pressing this icon saves a decorated sandcastle to your photo gallery.
-PADLOCKS: icons let players know which castles are still locked...keep writing!
-GREEN ARROW: this “back” arrow takes a player back to previous locale.
-SETTINGS GEAR: see setting info, then tuck away settings before playing.
- QUESTION MARK: tutorial shows a thumb & finger pincer-grip action used to trace.
- MUSIC: player may lock gentle tropical music on or off
- SOUND: use sound ON during phonics games.
- RESET: this button clears away all achievements and decorations for a fresh start.

- WIGGLING SHELLS: a wiggling shell or pebble shows where to begin tracing.
-BUBBLE GUIDE: pop the bubbles as you trace using your finger & thumb pincer.
-MULTICULTURAL CASTLES: multicultural influences are designed into our castles.
-CRAB: this character offers clues for proper directionality of letter-tracing if needed.
- LITERACY: alphabet sounds, symbols, words, and meanings are artfully integrated.
-THUMB & FINGER TRACING: build better handwriting strategies with our unique thumb & finger pincer-grip action needed in an ergonomic tripod grip at school.
-“MEOW”: vocabulary sounds help attract auditory attention and add meaning to text.

I hope you enjoy our Crabby Writer!

Mrs. Judd

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