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Application Description

Crab fishing is a deadly business -- especially for the crab!

Crawl quickly through the relentless and increasingly difficult platforms to avoid the crab fishermen, but don't get ahead of yourself or you'll lose your footing! Along the way, you'll find rare treasures and power-ups, but also many hazards!



∙ OpenFeint integration for sharing your high scores with your friends and the world
∙ Several different platform types, each presenting a different challenge
∙ Several different bonus items including the "Invincibubble" which protects you from hazards
∙ Simple controls, addictive gameplay!
∙ Highly catchy music and sound effects which can both be enabled/disabled from the main screen.
∙ Cute, cartoony art style



∙ Tilt left to walk left, tilt right to walk right -- it's that simple!



∙ Giant Clam: Traps you inside for a few seconds
∙ Jellyfish: Stings you, making you lose control for a couple seconds
∙ Squid: Sprays temporarily-blinding ink
∙ Vent platform: Pushes you upward when you step on it
∙ School of fish: Provides a temporary platform until the fish scatter
∙ Seaweed platform: Slows your movement


∙ Invincibubble: Provides you with temporary invincibility against the Giant Clam, Jellyfish, Squid, Vent platform, and Seaweed platform.
∙ Stopwatch: Temporarily slows down the platform scrolling speed
∙ Pearl: Awards 50 points
∙ Treasure Chest: Awards 100 points
∙ Ancient Scroll: Awards 150 points



Created by Funcode. Visit for more great apps!

Music and sound composed by Bernadette Choy. See more of her work at

Art by Anna Au.


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