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  • Current Version:Version: 2015.2.2627
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Application Description

This App is the mobile companion to
Care360TM Labs & Meds from
Quest Diagnostics

This App will allow you to:

• Access medication history, lab results and more from your iPhone - ideal for when you’re on call or just on the go
• Easily complete tasks, such as prescription ordering or renewal requests
• View lab results, add notes for follow-up and mark as reviewed

Accommodate your schedule with
the ability to manage your caseload
anytime, anywhere.

This HIPAA Compliant
App enables you to:

Manage Medications
• Review Medication History
• Respond to Renewal Requests
• Write Prescriptions
• Find Pharmacies

Review lab results from Quest Diagnostics
• Receive new results
• Review result summaries and the actual Report of Record
• Mark reports as reviewed
• Add annotations to the report
• Review historical lab results

Follow-up with Patients
• View Patient Problem List and Allergies
• Access patient demographics
• Tap to call


About Care360 Labs & Meds:

Care360 is found in over 70,000
physician caresites with 150,000 enrolled
physicians. This Internet-based solution

Enhanced Practice Economics
• Care360 Meets the requirements for a qualified ePrescribing system for the CMS Incentive Program.
• Manage your caseload anytime, anywhere
• Gain insights from practice-wide trends and patterns
• Facilitate reporting to government and payers
• Reduce phone calls, paperwork and inefficiencies

Increased Office Efficiency
• Simplify lab orders, results and prescription management
• Reduce repetitive tasks, paperwork and chart pulls
• Streamline communications
• Obtain 24/7 access from anywhere

Better Patient Management
• Identify patients requiring follow-up
• Easily assess patient progress and health trends
• Access comprehensive patient health record
• Educate patients and encourage compliance


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