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Application Description

Bouncy Bug is a mega juicy bouncy action game from the team that brought you 'Drop The Chicken'. The game features flexible liquid environments, and awesome trampoline style action like nothing you have played before.

While traveling across the jelly fields of his home world with his son Larry, Clyde and his son were pulled into a black, dark and mysterious jello cave by a sudden juicy eruption. Clyde's only hope is to collapse one bubble after another by collecting all the fruit along the way in an effort to reunite with his son and then bounce his way out of the caverns to freedom. Your job is to help our heroes on their journey, the more you bounce the more fruit you will need to give you energy to stay alive. There is no time limit, just the most awesome fruity bouncy action ever, only the most skilful will make it through.

Press the jello walls to bounce Clyde around the levels while trying to collect all the fruit. Press the floor and walls to bounce our hero into every twisty, bouncy corner. Swipe the jelly to create waves in the jello. Carefully time your bounces to get more height and speed with each bounce. Bubbles give you a much needed boost, twirls change your direction and portholes transport you elsewhere within the jello bubble. The most successful level clearing will earn you some much needed power ups which you can use to give you an advantage in the trickiest levels including energy boosts, jump boosts and tornadoes. Get through 30 levels to unlock Larry who can help you on your journey. Successfully navigate 50 unique bubble levels to escape to freedom.

The game and levels are beautifully designed and dynamically loading so they’re different each time you play, creating challenging game play which is always unique and engaging.

✔ Unique control method - touch walls to bounce and create jello waves.
✔ Loads of tricky levels and cool power ups
✔ Game Center & stacks of achievements
✔ Universal: iPhone & iPad cross compatible
✔ Great for all ages, easy to learn
✔ Very addictive, exciting game play
✔ Full community on Facebook and Twitter
✔ Play your own music in the background while you play

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We hope you enjoy the game!!!


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