X is for X-Ray (iPhone)

  • X is for X-Ray (iPhone)
  • X is for X-Ray (iPhone)
  • X is for X-Ray (iPhone)
  • X is for X-Ray (iPhone)

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Application Description

X IS FOR X-RAY for iPhone is a magical new interactive iPhone book from Touch Press, the people behind The Elements and Solar System for iPad. It offers a remarkable perspective on 26 everyday objects. For many of the objects, swipe horizontally and they rotate at your fingertip. A double-tap offers an amazing stereoscopic option, really bringing the objects to life. For others, pinch to zoom and reveal incredible detail. With all objects, swipe vertically to discover what's really inside!

Apple's iPad App of the Week on the US iTunes Store 1st to 7th December 2011.
A top ten book app in 22 stores across the globe.
A “ fun Learning” app in 78 app stores world wide.

X is for X-Ray for iPhone is based on the beautiful and astonishing X-ray photography of Hugh Turvey, Artist in Residence at the British Institute of Radiology. The accompanying text by award-winning children’s author Paul Rosenthal reinforces the concept of making the invisible visible and includes rhymes spoken by Dr Who actor Kerry Shale.

This title will delight young children, giving them a unique insight into the inner secrets of familiar everyday objects. It will also appeal to anyone with curiosity about the world, how things work and the power of X-ray technology to reveal the nature of reality.

Please note that this version of X is for X-Ray is for iPhone. A separate version is available for the iPad.


‘X is for X-Ray, by Touch Press, is an extraordinary new app that takes full advantage of what is possible when you combine creative and innovative developers with the ever evolving world of technology! Upon first look, we said, “WOW, WOW & WOW again!” This one adjective resounded throughout, along with “OMG, AMAZING, and COOL,” as we explored this incredibly unique app.’
- teacherswithapps.com

‘It might be aimed for younger children, as the book is yet another A to Z version of the same 26 letters. This time though, the concept is mind-boggling as each object is x-rayed to reveal the underlying skeleton. As teachers we couldn’t wait to share this app with students and see if they would agree that we had something very special here. They agreed... and the first word uttered was once again, “WOW”.’
- teacherswithapps.com

‘The beauty of the app is its attention to detail. Almost every object has some unique effect, like the way the car engine’s pistons turn when you rotate it in x-ray mode.’
- applegazette.com

‘This app is the learning bomb! It makes your kids curious about everything they see’
- 3sixty.no

‘My 6yr old has been amazed by x-rays since he saw an MRI of his brain. He really enjoyed seeing the insides of so many everyday objects. Highly, highly recommended app :)’
- welcometotheirworldapps

‘One of the most fun and innovative interactive books I have seen for the iPad. I really enjoyed this book, and so did the children I shared it with.’
- mobiletechreview.com


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