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Application Description

Have you ever wanted to set a detailed appointment reminder for yourself but didn't have the time to type in all of the information? With VOICE ORGANIZER, you can simply record a detailed voice memo for yourself and schedule that memo to play back for you at a set date and time in the future.

What users are saying about VOICE ORGANIZER:

"I love this app. Very easy and works way better than writing down what I need to remember. Plus the notifications is great."

"Only just started to use this app and already finding it very very useful,and a different way to quickly jot down ideas and reminders and have them sent back to me so I can action them."

"Makes simple reminders much easier for people who are slow or not very good at typing on the phones like my husband. This will work great for him. I use it for reminders when I am too busy to mess with my calendar."

• Grocery Lists
• Directions
• Homework Assignments
• Appointment Details
• To-Do Lists
• Addresses
• + Many More

Record the Voice Memo and then schedule a reminder. On the set date and time, an alert will pop-up on your phone and you simply TAP "Okay" to play the related voice memo.

Simple, straightforward, to-the-point and extremely useful.

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