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Application Description

Have you been looking for that one app which would flex your little toddler's little grey cells? An app with a mélange of alphabets, numerals, colors and shapes? An app which lets you sit with your child, guide him through, interact with him and help him understand elementary math, understand shapes, colors and the alphabet through simple matching methods. The beautiful graphics and the simple yet bold looking slide lines are sure to keep your kid engrossed. Welcome to VMatch, the game for kids aged between 2 and 5.

This is a matching game like no other, a game born out of a mother's quest of teaching her child using a simple pencil and paper.

There are three interactive categories: Alphabets, Mathematics, Colors & Shapes. Alphabets and Mathematics categories have 5 levels each.

The levels in each category are highly interesting, educational and captivating. Kids can match different items to their names, learn simple addition and subtraction, use their counting skills as well as identify different colors and shapes. Mommies and Daddies can sit with their children and explain the different processes and with the warm and pleasant graphics and colors, they would definitely have no complaints sitting through this!

Learning has indeed never been so much fun! You can be at peace when your kid fiddles around with this app for you know your child would be consciously and subconsciously becoming friends with the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.

And this is a game your kid can play on his own or with your help. It's as simple as that!

So, start playing VMatch and show your kids that growing up is indeed fun! Simple instructions and interface paves way for kids to indulge themselves on their own. The charming graphics and pleasing colors would help sharpen the kids' concentration.

So please don’t wait! Download and play VMatch, a game designed exquisitely to sharpen your kids' intellect.

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