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  • Current Version:Version: 1.41
  • Device Type:Device: iPhone Ready
  • Category:Category: Social Networking
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Application Description

**Faster than a phone call, says more than a txt**
Vmail lets anyone, anywhere get fun convenient voice messages from you via text, email or vmail.
Your friends and family don’t even need to have Vmail installed to receive Vmail messages.

**FREE for a limited time!!**

Vmail features:
• Quickly send a short voice message via SMS, email or to another Vmail app.
• Reach anyone. Friends and family don’t need to install the Vmail app themselves (unlike other voice apps).
• Send voice, text, photos and map locations.
• Use your existing address book.
• Send to single or multiple contacts easily.
• Free to download and use.
• Fast and easy to use.
• Send voice over Wifi and internet data, saving on cell phone bills. Works over WiFi, 3G, 4G, EDGE and other networks.
• Vmail keeps your communications secure with industry standard SSL encryption.
• Backup your messages on Dropbox.

Use Vmail when you:
• are on the go
• can’t stop to type
• want to invite a group of friends at short notice
• miss your loved ones
• need to give complex or nuanced information quickly
• want to send a fun message
• know someone is in a meeting or busy

What Vmail users say
“I so love Vmail. It is so easy to use when you are strapped for time.”
- Jaimee Falconer

“Love the fact that you can send a voice message to someone who doesn't have the app.”
- Grant Ormsby

“Great app guys! I sent my brother a happy birthday message using it. It will work perfectly when my wife is in a meeting and can't be disturbed.”
- Bevan Young

“I'm loving the fact I can torment my friends with my voice, haha. My friends have all asked when receiving my voice message how do I get it?”
- Marie Snell

”It’s just plain awesome. Not many words are needed. Saves pixt charges and you can actually send pics, recorded messages to people that don't use Vmail... How good is that.”
- Jason Cook

“I’m using it to keep in touch with friends and family, communicate with my husband during the work day, contact other mums for kids play dates or coffee.”
- Joni Scrivener

“Even when I am jetlagged and halfway around the world, I can send a sweet (voice) message to my fiancé and he can hear it almost immediately.”
- Kelly Hunt


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