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Application Description

VM Video Maganer (iPhone 版) 是 VM Video Managing Center (VMC) 專為 iPhone 手機用戶推出的監控管理應用程式。


1. 任何觸發設備配上 IP Camera 皆可作管理。
2. 管理者可隨時查閱觸發紀錄以及事件發生經過。
3. 全雲端系統,24小時無休。


權限管理. 例如: 零售店鋪管理員可以設定分店店長只能看本店視頻等。

VM Video Maganer (iPhone) is the designated iOS client app for VMC, Surveillance Video Managing Center.

Main features:

√ Cloud Service
1. Manages all IP Camera connected to any alarm system.
2. Manager retrieves alarm record and video clip at any time, anywhere.
3. 24 hours 365 days monitoring.

√ Video List
1. Categorized Video clips can easily demo each events.

√ Chain store management
1. Private Authority settings for chain store management purpose.
2. Store manager can freely check and view his/her store events.


Your mobile device must have at least 899.33 KB of space to download and install VM Video Manager app. VM Video Manager is available on iTunes for $0.00

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