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  • Current Version:Version: 1.8.3
  • Device Type:Device: iPad Ready
  • Category:Category: Utilities
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  • Download Size:App Size: 20.03 MB

Application Description

VM Player HD is the best multimedia player for iPad, which has simple and easy-to-use interface and supports a big range of different file formats, video and audio codecs.

Key features:
- High quality video playback
- Supports AVI/MKV/MOV/MP4/FLV/MPG/WMV/ASF and many others file formats
- Supports MPEG1/2/4/DIVX/XVID/H.264/H.263/H.261/WMV/FLV and many others video codecs
- Supports MP3/AAC/WMA/WAV/OGG/FLAC and many others audio codecs
- Subtitles (text, SRT, ASS, DVD - build-in subtitles only in the current version)
- Download and Open files from network via SMB (read/write), FTP and UPnP/DLNA (read-only)
- Generate thumbnail/slideshow for each video file
- Increase volume even louder than iPhone/iPad allows
- Audio/video Sync tuning
- Ability to change playback Speed
- Ability to change picture Quality
- Ability to change Aspect ratio
- Ability to choose audio/video Stream
- App and folder Password protection
- Remote control
- Forward/backward rewind
- Finger sensible rewind (from few seconds to few minutes)
- iTunes file sharing sync
- Open e-mail attachment
- TV Out
- Folders (can be used as Playlists)
- Open the last played file on the app startup
- Resume playback from the last position
- Facebook/Twitter/E-mail sharing
- A big range of Settings
- Playback from iPod music library
- AirPlay for native iOS file formats

Additional features:
- "Now playing" track information on the Lock screen
- Display full information about file format
- List/Icons movie library view
- Search in the movie library
- Ability to rename/move/delete files in the movie library
- Ability to lock landscape while watching
- Play audio files
- Tutorial
- Contact form, send e-mail

Full list of supported file formats:
aac, aea, aiff, amr, anm, apc, ape, asf, ass, au, avi, avs, bethsoftvid, bfi, bink, c93, caf, cavsvideo, cdg, daud, dfa, dirac, dnxhd, dsicin, dts, dv, dxa, ea, flac, flic, flv, 4xm, g722, gsm, gxf, idcin, IFF, ingenient, ipmovie, ISS, iv8, ivf, jv, lmlm4, lxf, m4v, matroska, webm, microdvd, mm, mmf, mov, mp4, m4a, 3gp, 3g2, mj2, mp3, mpc, mpc8, mpeg, msnwctcp, MTV, mvi, mxf, mxg, nc, nsv, nut, nuv, ogg, oma, pmp, pva, qcp, r3d, rawvideo, rl2, rm, RoQ, rpl, rso, rtp, rtsp, sap, sdp, shn, siff, smk, sol, sox, spdif, srt, psxstr, swf, thp, tiertexseq, tmv, tta, txd, tty, vc1, vmd, voc, vqf, w64, wav, wc3movie, wsaud, wsvqa, wtv, wv, xa, xwma, yop

Full list of supported video codecs:
aasc, amv, anm, ansi, asv, aura, aura2, avs, bethsoftvid, bfi, binkvideo, c93, cavs, cinepak, cljr, camstudio, cyuv, dfa, dnxhd, dpx, dsicinvideo, dvvideo, dxa, eacmv, eamad, eat, 8bps, escape124, ffv, flashsv, flic, flv, 4xm, fraps, frwu, h261, h263, h264, huffyuv, idcinvideo, iff, indeo, interplayvideo, j2k, jv, kgv1, kmvc, lagarith, loco, mdec, mimic, mmvideo, motionpixels, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpeg, msrle, msvideo1, mszh, mxpeg, nuv, pam, pbm, pictor, qtrle, r10k, r210, rawvideo, rl2, roqvideo, rpza, rv10, rv20, rv30, rv40, sgi, smackvid, smc, snow, sp5x, sunrast, svq1, svq3, targa, theora, thp, tiertexseqvideo, tmv, truemotion1, truemotion2, camtasia, txd, ultimotion, v210, v210x, vb, vc1, vcr1, vmdvideo, vmnc, vp3, vp5, vp6, vp8, vqavideo, wmv, wnv1, xan, xl, yop, zlib, zmbv

Full list of supported audio codecs:
8svx, s302m, aac, ac3, alac, als, amrnb, amrwb, ape, atrac, binkaudio, cook, dca, dsicinaudio, eac3, flac, gsm, imc, mace3, mace6, mlp, mp1, mp2, mp3, mpc7, mpc8, nellymoser, qcelp, qdm2, real, shorten, sipr, smackaud, sonic, truehd, truespeech, tta, twinvq, vmdaudio, vorbis, wavpack, wma, ws, g722, g726

Enjoy movie playing with VM Player.


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