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  • Video lessons for iPhone
  • Video lessons for iPhone
  • Video lessons for iPhone

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Application Description

You can start using an iPhone right out of the box. But some of its most useful and powerful features are hard to discover.

This iPhone video course, which reveals these features, is for anybody who wants to get the most out of their iPhone. The course covers both the basics and the subtleties of your smart phone settings.
You will also learn many tips, tricks, and secrets that every user should know.

The video course is primarily targets iPhone 4 users. But most of the lessons will be of interest to iPod, iPhone 3G, and even iPad owners.

Video course contents:
iPhone: “The Basics” (10 videos, 32 minutes)
iPhone: “Home Screens” (9 videos, 41 minute)
iPhone: “iPhone Settings” (8 videos, 17 minutes)
iPhone: “Surfing the Web” (8 videos, 17 minutes)
iPhone: “Additional Features” (9 videos, 26 minutes)

Course features:
- the MOST COMPREHENSIVE video course on iPhone
- MORE THAN 40 professionally-recorded video lessons
- standard (480:320) and HD (960:640) quality
- goes anywhere you do on your iPod, iPhone and iPad
- supports RETINA Display

Questions you will be able to answer after watching this video course include:
How do I work with text messages and contacts?
How do I handle phone calls?
How do I set at passcode and configure the iPhone's security?
How do I open the multitasking interface to manage running apps?
How do I make a screen shot? How do I use the iPhone as a flashlight?
And much, much more...


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