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  • Tzin-Tzun-Tzan!

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Application Description

There’s one night each year when the holy souls of the underworld are allowed to visit the land of the living.

Guided by the candles flickering light over your grave, you reach the offerings made by your relatives in loving memory. Gifts of food and candy, old delights long gone… and boy, you’re starving!

So what’re you waiting for?

Pick up a piece and make it jump to the next empty space to eat. Too simple? Try to clean the board game to get the highest score!
Welcome to Tzin Tzun Tzan, the cemetery of the sugar skulls.

Based on the Mayan board game "Comesolo" (a combination of checkers with solitaire), it offers different variables and new ways to compete which makes this game cool, attractive, and overall addictive.

Its environment is based on the Mexican holiday "Día de muertos” (Day of the Dead).

The objective is that the player has a board with skulls in vertical and horizontal form with one or many empty tile at the beginning of the game, which will change every new level.

In order to "eliminate" a skull the player must jump over an adjacent skull onto an empty tile, whether it's horizontal or vertical.

The player will win when there is one skull left standing, and you will advance onto the next level. There are 16 levels of difficulty by each pack.

There is also a TOP 10 chart with the highest scores, comparing players from all over the world.


Basado en el juego de mesa maya “Comesolo” (una combinación de damas chinas con solitario), éste juego aporta variantes y nuevos modos de competencia que lo hacen fresco, atractivo y sobre todo adictivo.

Su ambientación se basa en la fiesta mexicana del “Día de muertos”.

El objetivo del juego es que el jugador cuenta con varios tableros de fichas dispuestas en forma vertical y horizontal con uno o varios espacios al principio, los cuales serán diferentes para cada partida.

Para “comer” el jugador deberá pasar una ficha sobre otra inmediata hacia el espacio que esté libre, ya sea horizontal o verticalmente.

El jugador ganará dejando una sola ficha sobre el tablero y brincará al siguiente nivel. Hay 16 niveles de dificultad por paquete.

También hay un TOP 10 con los marcadores más altos, ya sea local o mundial.


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