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Application Description

Customer Comments:
"Very very cool it's one of those visualizers that you can mess with all day. Plus you control it!!!"

"Perfect when you're listening to Bob Marley and smoking a nice joint! yaa mann.. "

Trippin' is an interactive visual application which will amaze your senses and delight your mind with its endless color combinations and random patterns. Every time you run Trippin' you are guaranteed a truly unique experience.

- Save screenshot feature so you can save your works of art and use them as a background.
- Customizable experience.
- Multitouch which allows you to spawn multiple projectiles and patterns at once.
- Accelerometers which allow the projectiles react to gravity.
- Unique visuals every time.
- Idle projectiles which keep entertaining you even if you simply choose to watch without interacting.

- Turn off gravity and tap on the screen with explosions and projectiles turned on. Now the projectiles will stay in one spot until they blow up in a fascinating chain.
- Turn gravity on and turn off explosions. Now tap on the bottom of the screen with all five fingers spawning many projectiles. Then turn the phone upside down and watch them all topple down.
- This app can be used as your own interactive visualizer. Just put on some music, sit back, and enjoy.

- Always keep your finger near the camera button, since the colors and patterns are changing constantly. This way you can capture the most beautiful combinations and visuals and save them to your photos.
- Experiment with different settings and swipes to increase your fun.

*** We love to hear from you! Please play with Trippin' and if you have any ideas or suggestions don't hesitate to tell us through a review. All of our updates are based off of comments and suggestions we have received ***


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