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Application Description

“One of the coolest apps I've ever used... The Fourth Dimension is to boring learning apps what Carl Sagan's Cosmos was to staid science documentaries.” — John Herrman, BuzzFeed

“The app is very cool, and it's unlike pretty much anything we've seen in the App Store.” — Sam Byford, The Verge

“This is one of my most favorite iOS apps ever.” — George Musser, senior editor at Scientific American and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to String Theory

This app is a 30-page interactive book that explains a single mathematical idea, the fourth dimension, in language that anyone can understand. Instead of static images or canned videos, this app employs a unique 3D touch interface that lets you literally grasp the concept of the fourth dimension with your own hands.

✓ Hand-crafted from fine Corinthian ones and zeros.
✓ Free of upsetting mathematical equations.
✓ Probably safe for children.

“By taking advantage of the fourth dimension, I’ve been able to shorten my morning commute by twenty three minutes.” — M. Stubing

“Now that I have a solid intuitive understanding of four dimensional geometry, I’ve noticed that Jehovah’s Witnesses no longer stop by my house.” — Fitzgerald Wong

“I avoided being mugged in a dark alley in Hoboken because I was able to successfully distract the perpetrator with this app for two hours. When the police finally arrived, they rudely interrupted our discussion of elliptic geometry.” — Consuela Garbonzo

(Actual App Store user reviews follow.)

“Blew my mind. I generally don't use 'learning' apps as they're mostly gimmicks. This one, though, truly made me think. I hope this developer comes out with more outstanding apps such as this one. Bravo!” — Iceitic

“Amazing. One of the prettiest and most educational uses of the iPad and iPhone. What a brain wrinkle. Must-have!” — dgcastellanos

“Fantastic app. I work at a leading UK university. If only all our material was this well written and presented. Definitely worth buying and then spending a bit of time with over a day or two to get your head around the fourth dimension. Great app!” — JulesFM

“Great job! This app does the best job explaining the 4th dimension. Why learn it in some boring classroom when here you can have an interactive and visual explanation.” — Aco Strklalj

“Fantastic! This is what someone really smart, and who really knows how to teach well, can do with a tablet. And the authors are funny, too, which is a neat bonus.” — DNY

“Astounding. That some people care passionately enough about tesseracts to go create a fantastic app for others to understand them is incredible. The app is extremely well designed, wittily written, and executed with love. That alone is worth buying it, besides the fact that I learned what the hell a tesseract was.” — Duncan MacMichael


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