Sudoku iPad Edition

  • Sudoku iPad Edition
  • Sudoku iPad Edition
  • Sudoku iPad Edition
  • Sudoku iPad Edition

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Application Description

Sudoku for iPad development to ios7
More Than 1000 Levels!!


A sudoku puzzle consists of a 9 × 9–square grid subdivided into nine 3
× 3 boxes. Some of the squares contain numbers. The object is to fill in the remaining squares so that every row, every column, and every 3
× 3 box contains each of the numbers or things from 1 to 9 exactly
Use your intuition, you can drag! Just drag the item you want onto
the board, except to those spots that are blocked with a padlock. You
can also select the destination box and then just click the item
below. Start now!


Your mobile device must have at least 3.72 MB of space to download and install Sudoku iPad Edition app. Sudoku iPad Edition is available on iTunes for $2.99

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