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Application Description

Remember those wacky posters from the 90's? You know, the ones where you gazed into an goofy pattern and suddenly a 3D image would pop out at you? Those were called stereograms and now they they have come to the ipad!

What's a stereogram?
It's an optical illusion of depth created from flat, two-dimensional image or images that when viewed correctly appear to hover in front of you!

Test yourself
One of the most common ways to create a stereogram is to hold both of your index fingers in front of your eyes (close to your nose) with the tips touching and cross your eyes to create the illusion that you have an extra finger in the middle.
(Note: If you just did that experiment, you've got to get Stereograms HD for a more amazing visual experience, you won't be disappointed!)

Stereograms HD has over 30 High Quality Stereograms to gaze into all in crystal clear HD quality.

The ipad's ultra clear glossy screen really helps bring the illusions to life! You've gotta try this!

We've included a help section to aid you in seeing them, along with pop-and-snap app style navigation to take you from image to image.

Stereograms HD is also an awesome app to show off you ipad to others. Almost everyone has seen these crazy posters, now they can see them on the ipad in HD!


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