Skulls by Simon Winchester

  • Skulls by Simon Winchester
  • Skulls by Simon Winchester
  • Skulls by Simon Winchester
  • Skulls by Simon Winchester

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Application Description

Skulls by Simon Winchester is a stunning illustrated interactive book for iPad that advances the interactive book format pioneered by Touch Press with The Elements and Solar System for iPad.

The title features beautiful 360-degree high-resolution rotations of over 300 animal skulls collected by Alan Dudley and photographed by Nick Mann. The story behind this remarkable collection, the zoology of skulls and the place of skulls in art and popular culture, is vividly recounted by best-selling author Simon Winchester.

Simon's text is presented on the iPad screen in two formats. In portrait orientation the text is black on white optimised for reading. In landscape it is white on black, optimised for display of the beautiful visuals, with every skull spinning at the touch of your finger. Pinch zooming engineering allows smooth rotation even when objects are greatly magnified. The full text is also available spoken by the author, synchronised to the page.

Skulls by Simon Winchester features advanced interactive features including an intuitive interface for exploring the collection, revolutionary differential scrolling in the chapter pages and 3D stereoscopic presentation of every skull. There is also a powerful facility allowing up to four skulls to be compared in locked rotation side by side.

Please note this app requires that your iPad be running iOS 5 or later.



“The ever-debonair Winchester, best-selling author of “The Professor and the Madman,” not only wrote the text that accompanies the app’s 300 rotatable images of human and animal skulls — he also reads it. The result is informative and thoughtful as well as gorgeous and diverting. More, please.”
-Salon, Laura Miller

“This interactive app functions like a digital version of a highly produced coffee-table book, with bonus special effects such as the ability to view images in three dimensions with 3-D glasses.”
-Wall Street Journal



• Over 300 skulls beautifully presented as high resolution rotations, photographed by Nick Mann
• New Touch Press rotations technology allows pinch-sooming at any angle
• Specially-commissioned accompanying book by New York Times best-selling writer Simon Winchester explores the remarkable zoology of skulls.
• A chapter on skulls in art explores the place of this powerful and iconic symbol in popular culture
• Audio interview Alan Dudley describing the preparation of his skull collection
• New interactive book design optimizes reading in different modes for landscape and portrait iPad orientation
• Many advanced interactive features including differential image scrolling
• Compare up to four skulls side by side, with automatic lock-step rotation
• Detailed notes for every species plus photographs of the living animal
• Taxonomic data from Wolfram|Alpha®


About the author:

Simon Winchester is author of Atlantic, Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded and The Professor and the Madman (all New York Times Best Sellers).



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